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  1. Thanks LGG staff and Gigi for sharing your Fall issue! Looking forward to a great read.


  2. Nice job, LGG!
    We think #9-12 on the 101 Things bucket list may be a little tough :)
    Great work on LGG!
    From Troop 1913 - Norcross

  3. Hi Troop 1913! Thank you for your comment! We are so glad you enjoyed reading the LGG. If you have any cool story ideas. Share them with us!

    -GiGi & The Lime Green Giraffe Staff

  4. Dear Lime Green Staff -
    We love LGG! One year our troop were models... Would you ever consider an article about Girl Scouts who have started their own businesses? I know I would have liked to read an article like that as a Brownie, it's inspiring! My Girl Scout BFF and I started a mermaid business 4 years ago.
    Thank you!

  5. Hello Claire! Thank you so much for your comment and story idea! I will be sure to share it with the staff at our next story brainstorm. Congrats on your business. Keep in touch!

    GiGi & The Lime Green Giraffe Staff 2013