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Monday, October 13, 2014

Lime Green Giraffe Holds Photo Shoot

Sunday marked the second photo shoot of our celebratory 10th year of the Lime Green Giraffe. We had great fun with Photographer Kate and our awesome models. Below are a few pics from the day. The official photos will be published alongside new articles in February at limegreengiraffe.org.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

LGG Talks with GSGATL’s Senior Director of Membership

At the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Volunteer Leadership Conference, GSGATL’s Senior Director of Membership, Patricia Frederico sat down for an interview with Lime Green Giraffe Reporter Sydnie C. Here’s a bit of their conversation.

Lime Green Giraffe: What is the role of the membership executive?

Patricia Frederico: To support the volunteer experience department and work with membership staff to reach out to all girls who want to be a Girl Scout.

LGG: What’s the membership goal for the upcoming year?

PF: 43,750 girls

LGG: Is there a particular level of Girl Scouting where the numbers are down? 

PF: Sixth grade and up. 

LGG: How are you planning to overcome that?

PF: We’re planning to expand Gamma Gamma Sigma, which is the Girl Scout sorority club.

LGG: What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

PF: Thin Mints

LGG: What is your advice to the girls of Girl Scouts?

PF: Enjoy the moments that you get to be a Girl Scout. 

Patricia Frederico: What’s your advice to the girls of Girl Scouts?

Sydnie: My advice to the girls is not to be embarrassed about being a Girl Scout. Being a Girl Scout is too beneficial to be something that you try to hide from your peers. 

To learn more about Gamma Gamma Sigma, click here.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Hosts Volunteer Leadership Conference

By: Sydnie C.
     On August 9th, over 400 people donned in Girl Scout attire overtook the Cobb Galleria for the It Starts with Us Volunteer Leadership Conference. In this day filled with fun as Girl Scout volunteers attended various classes that honed their volunteering skills and broaden their networks with other volunteers from around greater Atlanta. They also got to taste delectable brownies, and partake in the biggest friendship circle I’ve ever seen.              
     The day started with the opening ceremonies, where the attendees of the conference were introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Boling, the master/mistress of ceremony. They spoke about their Girl Scout troop, and Mr. Boling mentioned how he was a proud Girl Scout dad of Troop 13319. He says his involvement was encouraged by an adage he coined himself: “Having dads involved in Girl Scouts helps to build the courage in girls.”        After getting acquainted with the master/mistress of ceremony, the conference proceeded with a few announcements. If you’re technologically savvy like me, then you will fangirl over this news. Girl Scout Cookie season is going digital this year! It will no longer be a hassle to sell Girl Scout Cookies to distant relatives and friends. Your faraway customers can now order cookies online and have them shipped to their homes. 
     Another high tech development you can look forward to in the upcoming Girl Scout year is the digital photo book. The photo book allows you to customize your pictures with Girl Scout templates and carry a scrapbook load of troop memories on your electronic device.  The digital photo book is part of the Treats and Keeps sale that starts on September 2nd.                      
Mary Ann Milton
 While roaming around the conference as an LGG reporter, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing dozens of Girl Scouts, but one in particular caught my eye. She was clad in a uniform that didn’t quite resemble the ones of today. Instead of a vest or sash and khakis, she wore a hunter green dress. Not being able to pass up the opportunity, I asked her for a 
quick interview. From the interview, I gleaned that her name was Mary Ann Milton and she joined Girl Scouts in the 1950s at the age of ten, making her an Intermediate, or a Girl Scout Junior, as they’re called today. Since she joined in 1950, Ms. Mary Ann Milton has been a part of the girl-strengthening organization for 54 years! Before parting, she left me with a word of advice for girls involved in Girl Scouts, “Stay in Girl Scouting for as long as you possibly can.”                 

     Later in the day, I got to have a conversation with Ms. Patricia Frederico, the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Senior Director of Membership. My interview with Ms. Frederico will be published tomorrow at limegreengiraffe.org.
     At the end of the event, everyone congregated back to the ballroom area for a question and answer session with the executive panel and to hear the vision Amy Dosik, a former tax attorney, has for the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta as the new CEO. 

    To conclude the day, the participants formed a large friendship circle. In Girl Scout fashion, we each placed our arms right over left and chanted “Make New Friends.”  

LGG FUN FACT #1: The Girl Scout Thin Mint was the most favored Girl Scout Cookie at the conference, with Girl Scout Samoa trailing behind in a close second.

FUN FACT #2: There are over 3500 troops in the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta.

FUN FACT #3: On February 14 and 15, Girl Scout Samoa will be celebrating its 40th birthday!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Our August 2014 Issue is Here!!!

By: Edie W.
2014 LGG Copy Editor
Fall is here, and with Fall 2014 comes the 10th anniversary issue of Lime Green Giraffe! In this issue, you’ll read many exciting articles, including personal stories, embarrassing pet moments, and how to make your own muscle shirt.
            In one personal piece, one of our reporters interviews a guidance counselor about how Girl Scouts changed her life for the better. She shares how she learned to have courage, confidence, and character- the three parts of the Girl Scout mission!
            In How Not to Write an Article, LGG’er Madison spills the beans on what it’s like to be a reporter for Lime Green Giraffe, and just how hard it is to get a story for the magazine.
            Finally, this issue marks the unveiling of LGG’s 10th Anniversary writing contest! The winners will be posted in our February issue, so be sure to enter this fun challenge for a chance to earn awesome prizes and see your work posted in the Lime Green Giraffe! Here's a link to the contest details. 
            If you’ve enjoyed this issue, be sure to check out some of our past issues in the archives section! ! So are you ready to start reading? Click here:

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Model Shout-Out!

Thanks to all of our wonderful models in our May photo shoot! We had a great time working with you, and hope you had fun!
Here are all of the girls who helped us make this issue’s photos:

Isabella F.
Pearl H.
Catie C.
Sherry S.
Simone D.
Emily S.
Marinda H.
Megan N.
Natalie N.
Madison K.
Riley T.
Epiphany H.

If you would like to be part of our October 2014 photo shoot, please stay in contact with us though social media. Remember this opportunity is only for registered GSGATL Girl Scouts in the 6th-12th grades.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The August 2014 Issue is Almost Here!

We've been teasing you with photos of our stories list for a few months now. Well, in just two weeks you can read all of the articles from our August issue. See you soon!

GiGi & the Lime Green Giraffe Staff 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Longtime GSGATL Volunteer to Throw Out First Pitch

By: Edie W.
2014 LGG Copy Editor

A longtime Girl Scout volunteer was selected to throw the first pitch at Girl Scout Night at the Gwinnett Braves game on Friday, June 6. Several Girl Scout employees who showed up to surprise Deanna Simmons, who has been volunteering for over 35 years, at her door last week with balloons and flowers to ask her to throw the first pitch for the baseball game. To the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta employees, however, it was no surprise that she was chosen to throw the pitch.
            Ms. Simmons has done many extraordinary things in all her years as a Girl Scout volunteer. After completing 10 years of Girl Scouting as a child, she was the leader of her daughter’s troop, 884. Soon after, she became a Service Unit Director for seven years. She also founded Lilburn Day Camp, and worked 15 years as camp director. She also started the Gwinnett County Bake-Off, and coordinated county leader retreats and Global Gathering. Most recently, Ms. Simmons has served as the Area Registrar for Gwinnett County. So, with all of this experience under her belt; Ms. Simmons was an obvious choice to represent the East Region's committed Girl Scout volunteers. 

            If you would like to come and see Ms. Simmons throw the first pitch, bring your whole family to Coolray Field on Friday, June 6th, at 7:05 pm. Ask your leader how to get tickets for your troop for this fun volunteer appreciation event!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Scenes from our May Photo Shoot

On Sunday May 18th the Lime Green Giraffe hosted its Spring photo shoot at Georgia Institute of Technology with Becky from 2Be Photography. Here are some behind the scenes photos. Be on a look out for the final photographs in our upcoming August issue.